We are a part of bigger unit. Success of your product is also our success

We have been stable on the Czech market since 1990 and we have attracted a lot of customers who trust us. We focus on high quality and long lifespan of our products. Do you have specific working conditions or do you need to make particular part to your product? We are ready to help you with design and production.

We say things straight,
frankly with respect

We listen what you require and we do our best to fulfill your wishes. We respect all the agreements, both written and oral ones too.

Long lifespan
component is our mission

Tell us clearly where you will use our product and what features you expect from it and we will design it the way it withstands everything.

We cooperate on design , we discover technical inaccuracies

Rubber sealing and other components can be produced according to your documentation as well as acccording to your product which you provide .

When you are successful
it means success for us too

We work on your prototypes. Define your working conditions and possible cetification. We adjust the production of components according to them.

Our main partners are industrial enterprises but we do not reject individuals

Our customers are mainly other manufacturers, whom we help with the design and later we mass-produce the specific components they need to complete their product. Among them there are, for example, electrotechnical and construction companies, various engineering companies or even breweries.

Apart from these orders we also have serial production of our own products which we distribute to other shops:

  • kitchen spatulas and gastro spatulas
  • disc pad under the floor tiles , with or without joint
  • sealing rings for machines
  • spare parts

Materials that we use


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