Custom manufacturing

Since 1990 we have been helping you to finish your products and prototypes by high quality parts made of rubber, silicone and plastic. We are precise and we care about endurance and long lifespan of produced components.

We keep stable place on the Czech market and we have attracted a wide range of customers who have confidence in us for so many years. We produce parts for agricultural and gastronomical industries. Furthermore, we make a lot of parts for water and sewage systems, braking systems, electrical engineering and for many construction companies and much more.

We design and produce to order.
We use technical rubber, silicone and plastic.

We are a part of bigger unit. Our products can be found in agricultural machines, sewage systems and gastronomical industry. Sealing and other components must be resistant to big weight, high temperatures and to huge amount of cycles. One small part is often responsible for the right performance of the whole system

We say things straight,
frankly with respect

We listen what you require and we do our best to fulfill your wishes. We respect all the agreements, both written and oral ones too.

Long lifespan
component is our mission

Tell us clearly where you will use our product and what features you expect from it and we will design it the way it withstands everything.

We cooperate on design , we discover technical inaccuracies

Rubber sealing and other components can be produced according to your documentation as well as acccording to your product which you provide .

When you are successful
it means success for us too

We work on your prototypes. Define your working conditions and possible cetification. We adjust the production of components according to them.

Custom manufacturing step by step


Tell us what you need
and do not be afraid of going into details

On the basis of the most detailed information, we are able to produce your component at the first go. Will you be going through the certification? Does the product have to be non-flammable? What operating temperature and pollution will it have to withstand? All this information is important to us.


As soon as we have everything we need,
we look for the way to turn everything into reality

The process of inventing , designing and manufacturing of sealing and other components comes. At this stage we will price the product based on labour intensity and used technology. Production usually requires the mold which we make ourselves.


We will join your testing,
we will use your experience and suggestions

The conditions under which components must endure are often very specific. The best testing is done by yourselves. You will help us eliminate even the smallest inaccuracies. We have been very experienced with custom manufacturing, so it is definitely not a trial and error method.

Materials that we use

Ask us anything

We will discuss everything, agree on details,
dates, number of pieces that you need to be produced from us.

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